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It plays an important role in ensuring that our awards are maintained at an appropriate standard, that our assessment process measures student achievement rigorously and fairly, and that the academic standards and achievement of students are comparable with those on similar programmes in other UK universities. External Examiners also assist the University in enhancing the quality of teaching, learning and assessment by advising on good practice. The University appoints at least one External Examiner for each of its award bearing programmes. External Examiners are normally drawn from other universities or, in the case of programmes with a strong professional dimension, from among relevant, suitably qualified professionals. They must meet rigorous criteria for appointment and be in a position to offer independent and impartial judgments. They are involved in scrutinising draft examination papers, moderating the marking of assessments, and determining the overall result for each student.

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The AFFA stands for the Angels Forever, Forever Angels, a motto of the Hells Angels gang. The Death Head is a symbol of the gang, while 1% refers to a member of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, which is a subgroup. The Bloody Orcs were also a puppet club of the Hells Angels. The United Blood Nation gang uses the 13/13 cipher. According to this in the letters OYBBQ, the O stands for B the Y stands for L, the B stands for O and the Q stands for D, thus forming the word Blood. The dog paw is another symbol of the gang, while the word Piru refers to the faction of the gang called Compton Pirus which originated in West Piru Street in Compton, Los Angeles. These are all symbols of the gang Crips, where IGC stands for Insane Gangster Crip, The Rollin 60s were a subgroup of the Crips. The Dream catcher is worn by Native Americans who have served time in prison, which is predominant in the prisons of Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. It symbolizes an Indian Warrior, where each feather in it represents a crime committed against the white society. It is often seen on the neck or skull. These symbols are worn by the members of the gang Laotian Boys.

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Prasch III, and speaks to some of our shared concerns. Love to you all and thanks for reading. Two days ago, I was called in for jury duty in my new home territory of DeKalb County, Georgia. Thats part of the 5th district, for all yall who are keeping track of the spat between Rep. John Lewis and the Trumpster. I spent nine hours in total in the DeKalb County Courthouse. Six of those hours were in a courtroom with 17 others while lawyers for the state of Georgia and the defense asked us a series of questions. The questions were designed to weed out potential jurors who might present obstacles to either side of the case. The charges involved domestic battery, leveled against a young black man, probably not older than 20. We were ushered out of the courtroom several times so the lawyers could confer privately or speak with some of us who declined to elaborate on our answers publicly. As the day wore on, the 17 of us one was dismissed immediately for an important reason which I wont share with you so as not to give any of yall ideas developed a sense of camaraderie, kind of like feeling close to the participants of your favorite reality TV show.

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6. The basaltic country has now suddenly changed to slate, limestone, sandstone, and a hard white stone. Crossed three stony rises, and got upon a white sandy rise, with large stringy bark trees growing upon it; and there seemingly being a creek at the foot of it, from the number of green gums and palm trees, I went down to it, and found it to be springy ground, now quite dry, although the grass was quite green. Proceeded on the westerly course, expecting to meet with a creek; found none, but large springs coming from sandy rises. Having found water at thirteen miles, and being so very unwell that I cannot proceed, I have been compelled to camp. There is an immense quantity of water coming from these springs; the soil round them is of the best deep black alluvial. About a mile to the west is a strong stream running to the south west from them. I have called them Kekwick Springs, in honour of my chief officer. Wind light and variable. Latitude, 13 degrees 54 minutes 12 seconds. Thursday, 10th July, Kekwicks Large Group of Springs.

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